Our Guide to OC’s Impeach Trump Rallies

Sign of the times. Photo: Master Steve Rapport/Flickr

If you agree with the woman in the accompanying photo and would like to see the U.S. House of Representatives begin an impeachment inquiry into the myriad alleged crimes of President Donald Trump, then you might want to check out one of the Impeach Trump rallies scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 15. Because right now, even though the House is run by Democrats, they don’t seem to be in any hurry to even attempt to sanction Trump.

Moveon.org has about 140 events scheduled throughout the nation on that day, including five in Orange County. Here they are:

BREA: Organizers ask attendees to bring a friend and “large posters with one quote and page number from the Mueller Report.” The rally will take place at the corner of East Imperial Highway and State College Boulevard at 1 p.m.

IRVINE: Representative Katie Porter (D-45th District) has so far been silent on the question of impeachment, and organizers hope to change that (one of Porter’s field directors will apparently attend this rally). It takes place at the corner of Alton Parkway and Culver Drive at 1 p.m.

LAGUNA BEACH: The action will take place at Main Beach at 10 a.m., but organizers ask that you NOT bring a sign: “Please remember that Laguna Beach has a city ordinance preventing people from bringing signs or flags with sticks or poles attached to it.”

MISSION VIEJO: Activists will rally at an as-yet unnamed street corner in Mission Viejo. Please RSVP for more information.

SEAL BEACH: Organizers hope to spell out the word “IMPEACH” on the sand, so they’re asking everyone to bring a beach towel (“Dark or bright colors only, please, to outline letters for the human banner. Please avoid whites and light earth tones that will blend in with sand”). Everyone’s asked to meet at the first lifeguard tower on the pier at 9 a.m., and to please pick up trash on your way off the beach. Kids and pets are welcome, and there will be cookies.

Organizers ask that everyone who wishes to attend RSVP ahead of time, which you can do here by clicking on the city name.


Anthony Pignataro has been a journalist since 1996. He spent a dozen years as Editor of MauiTime, the last alt weekly in Hawaii. He also wrote three trashy novels about Maui, which were published by Event Horizon Press. But he got his start at OC Weekly, and returned to the paper in 2019 as a Staff Writer.

17 Replies to “Our Guide to OC’s Impeach Trump Rallies”

  1. Hey, Laguna Beach! Does your law forbid patriotic parades in which color guards carry the Americn Flag on a pole?

  2. Amazing how the Democrats are attacking someone who was not indicted because no evidence was found that President Trump “colluded” with the Russians. Firs law of logic – You cannot prove a negative. However, evidence has been shown that the reason of the kerfuffle was due to a document paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party. You folks are just sore losers which tried to tag President Trump with that title before he won the Presidency. You are asking to become slaves of a socialist society. Those living in Venezuela and Cuba and China are slaves to their governments. You need to use your computers to look up “flaws of socialism” in order to recalibrate your thinking.

    1. Collusion is not a crime and you didn’t even read the first page of the mueller report so why should anyone care what you have to say on the matter? You’re just copy/pasting from Trump’s Twitter account which is where you get all your “information” from

    2. Repetitive posting of Fox/Trump talking points doesn’t express any *original* thoughts you may have. And – “firs = first”, “which = that”. Please hone *your* “critical thinking” skills and grammar. Enjoy Sunday services.

  3. The ignorant left is at it again. Why does the left want to eliminate democracy? I live in socal. California is a socialist state and look what it’s become. Homelessness had grown beyond control. Taxes continue to escalate and good people are being forced to relocate to state with freedom.


  5. Just another ho-ho-hum article penned by another so-called ‘journalist’. There’s nothing to impeach him with, get over yourselves you bunch of overgrown toddlers. Thankfully I read this lame article the day after these ‘rallies’ which were probably attended by tens of people or else I would have been at any one of them with my gianormous Trump 2020 signs and flags. Let’s see if OC Weekly will post anything about pro-Trump rallies for his re-election? They likely won’t, and should be renamed ‘OC Weakly’.

  6. The fact that there are so many ignorant and stupid people in OC is amazing. Maybe they should all go back to school and learn how our government works.

  7. Impeach Trump and watch America go to crap like California. People are moving out of democrat areas faster than moving in. Sad fact is libs are moving out to and taking their idiotic ideas, agendas, feelings and ill thought lifestyles with them ruining wherever they go forgetting what made them want to move out.

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