Pirate-Themed Surfing Takeover of Main Peak of Lower Trestles Gets Weird [VIDEO]

​If you've ever surfed the Lowers peak at Trestles, you know that the pack doesn't exactly welcome newcomers with open arms. There's not much “spirit of Aloha” wafting through the air out there. In fact, it's more like a gladiator pit where survival is the key.

Apparently, the best way to counter a pack of gladiators is with a horde of pirates and green men and other ridiculously-dressed individuals riding soft-top surfboards. That's what happened on June 17th and the proof is in the video footage. Tempers flared, scowls were shared, lifeguards were confused and in the end, absurdity ruled the day.
See the video footage from the website of surfer brothers, Alex and Koa Smith, from Kilauea, Hawaii, after the jump.


While the crew who orchestrated the event seemed to enjoy themselves quite a lot, dropping in on most every wave in numbers, clearly, the guys who weren't involved were not pleased or impressed. As The Inertia pointed out, let's hope this doesn't happen on a day we're out surfing without our knowledge of what's going down.
Whether words were exchanged or punches thrown is unknown. We're waiting to hear back from the Smith brothers to get the full story.
Until then, enjoy:

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