Pixar in Concert

Before the multi-jillion dollar buyout, Pixar had Disney squirming under its plastic toy cowboy boot. The House of Mouse was flailing—when Pixar released Monsters, Inc., Disney had just put out, what, The Emperor's New Groove? They couldn't beat 'em, so they joined 'em—and though Disney has high-budget lights-and-music spectacles like World of Color, the Pacific Symphony steps in to give Flick and Nemo a little orchestral love this week with Pixar in Concert, currently on a world tour. For the very first time, the animation company presents scenes and imagery from its collection of films, set to the harmonies of a full live orchestra. Prepare to laugh, dance, and, should any of those scenes from Up appear, probably tear up a little.

Sat., Aug. 17, 8 p.m., 2013

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