POPNATURAL Hybrid Vape Cartridge: Our Toke of the Week!

Strain: 500mg Hybrid 32.43% THC 30.12%THCA
Price: $30
Dispensary: New Generation 3700 W Segerstrom Ave Suite A Santa Ana 92704  657-900-8200

I first tried vaping way back in 2012 when I was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer. It was in it’s infancy as a method to inhale medical marijuana, the pens were expensive and the cartridges weren’t tested for safety or % of THC. Now you look at the menu of your local dispensary and there are almost too many vape cartridges to choose from, always a good thing! On my visit to New Generation I had a few questions and the budtender was very helpful with answers and suggestions.
POPNATURAL offers Indica,Sativa and Hybrid carts, I was looking to purchase a Sativa since I wanted to enjoy a buzz but I didn’t want to get “glued” to my couch. You know, run some errands, do some chores all while being happy happy. I chose a Hybrid cart because I liked how it broke down 32% THC and 30% THCA, I would get a nice high AND be totally relaxed, WINNER! You will usually see a THC/CBD combination, which I also like but THCA, for me is slightly stronger in the pain relief department, if you’re a fan of CBD, try THCA, it’s not too widely marketed yet but it’s worth trying.
POPNATURAL tests all their products and breaks it all down on the box, it’s a standard 500mg which breaks down to about 200 hits, give or take, also standard is the 510 thread so it matches your battery/pen.
I enjoy vaping because of it’s convenience and high quality of cannabinoid. I waked and vaped to get my day started, just a couple of hits, the Hybrid cart has a nice flavor, there’s a little bit of an aroma, it’s obvious but not real skunky, so you can be discreet and vape at your discretion. A couple of more hits and the buzz set in, nothing crazy, it was offset by the THCA so I didn’t feel real high even though it had 32% THC, which is high. I went about my day, chore, vape, errand, vape, eat, vape and I never felt too high or tired from being high, it actually felt pretty normal. Ha! Stoner!
A great tip from the budtender was that the darker the oil that it would burn slower and last longer.
“The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice”!

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