Quicksand – The Glass House – 6/10/12

The Glass House

Revelation Records celebrated their 25th anniversary with a four- night stint at the Glass House featuring seminal hardcore kings Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Sick of it All and an assortment of bands that have been affiliated with the record label over the years. The final night featured a “special guest” that turned out to be none other than 90's post-hardcore metal-tinged band, Quicksand.

It has been almost fifteen years since Walter Schreifels, Tom Capone, Sergio Vega and Alan Cage collectively formed the brash, New York quartet. I will never forget the first time I saw their video for “Fazer” on Headbangers Ball on MTV in the early '90s. I immediately went to the record store and picked up their debut album Slip.


I was fortunate enough to see Quicksand back in 1995 when they opened for The Offspring, yet missed them when they toured with the Deftones
before breaking up. The Glass House was stuffed to the maximum as the
members of Quicksand appeared on stage. Vega started the riff of
“Omission” on his Fender Bass as the circle pit started to swirl.

A parade of stage divers swarmed around Schreifels as he slashed out
the metallic chords on his guitar while singing. Capone had his trusty
gold top Gibson Les Paul dialed in as Cage pounded fiercely fierce
behind his drum kit. The squealing harmonics of “Unfulfilled”
immediately forced me to start thrashing along to the pummeling beat
while Capone nailed the guitar solo.

Cage's quick drum roll tipped off “Fazer”–a song I've listened to so
many times I can play it on guitar in my sleep– with its detuned super
sludgy riff while Vega used a phaser on the bass breakdown section of
the song. Staying within their album Slip, “Dine Alone” was jaw dropping with its chugging riff.

Schreifels gave a heartfelt thanks to Revelation Records owner Jordan Cooper and introduced the rest of his bandmates before informing the audience that their next song would be a cover of The Smiths classic “How Soon Is Now?” which was released as a B-side to their “Dine Alone” single.

It seemed like a dream since it was over so quickly. One can only
hope Coachella or FYF Festival can throw enough money at the members of
Quicksand to convince them to reunite for a full set. I'm willing to pay
top dollar.

Critical Bias: Quicksand are in my top five favorite bands of all time.

Overheard In The Crowd: “I don't believe it!”

Random Notebook Dump: Davey Havok from AFI was in the pit for Quicksand.

Dine Alone
How Soon Is Now? (The Smiths Cover)

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