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Real Street Fest Noise Complaints Put Honda Center Outdoor Events in Limbo

No noise complaints from the crowd. (Photo by AJ Perez)

The City of Anaheim is working with the Honda Center to come up with new sound strategies for outdoor concerts following noise complaints from as far as 10 miles away from last weekend’s Real 92.3 FM Real Street Festival.

Featuring the likes of 2 Chainz, Cardi B., A$AP Rocky, Migos, Rae Sremmurd and more than 30 other well-known rappers and artists, this past Saturday and Sunday’s event inside and outside the Honda Center, was a first of that magnitude with a main stage outdoors festival.

Noise complaints were lodged with the Anaheim Police Department during both show days, but word did not get to City of Anaheim officials until Monday, and they were surprised about the location of many who reported hearing a booming bass as if they were in the Honda Center crowd.

“[O]n Monday, we started hearing from folks in what is called the Hills of Tustin incorporated part of Orange County,” says Mike Lyster, Anaheim’s communications officer. “They reported hearing the music very loudly, hearing a deep bass rumble and consistently heard it.”

That seemed odd, Lyster added, because, “We didn’t have any issues at the concert itself, and it went very smoothly.” Nonetheless, since first receiving the complaints, the city has sought to contact those who filed them to help come up with ways to mitigate noise at future events, he said.

“I talked to about 25 people, and we just heard what the situation was, and we are looking into it,” Lyster added. “You would have to call it a unique phenomenon that happened. I have spoken with folks in Orange, Tustin and few people in Anaheim, but the vast majority are in the Hills of Tustin.”

There have been countless other outdoor music festivals and loud events just over the 57 freeway at Angel Stadium and City National Grove that did not generate the same kinds of complaints. “We have held concerts at Angel Stadium for decades, and those are effectively outdoor concerts,” Lyster notes. “Even with baseball games and fireworks after some baseball games, we have never had any issue like this.”

Indeed, it was the lack of complaints from those games, concerts and other outdoor events that prompted the city to greenlight the Real Street Festival, according to the city spokesman.

No conversations have yet been held about holding other outdoor events at the Honda Center, including a second Real Street Festival next year, Lyster confided. “We have been listening to particular complaints raised to us and will continue looking into it and working with the folks at Honda Center. While we don’t have anything planned, should we down the road ever look at something like this again, this would certainly inform our planning and decision making.”