Report: Anaheim Angels in Talks to Move to City of…Industry?!

After all that has been said and done, I gotta say that the jury is still out on whether Arte Moreno is the best owner your Anaheim Angels could have. Yes, he's spent hundreds of millions of dollars on marquee free agents…yet the Halos haven't been to the World Series since he bought the team back in 2003. Sí, the stadium experience is better than during the atrocious Disney years…yet the Halos haven't been to the World Series since he bought the team back in 2003. And then there's that whole Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim pendejas–and now, sources at the City of Industry are saying Moreno is in talks with them to move his team there.

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The Los Angeles Daily News broke the story last night, which of course, everyone is denying. It probably won't happen–after all, it's the City of Industry, whose only contribution to the world is getting left at the altar by Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis so many years ago (wait, that was Irwindale…what's Industry famous for again?).

But that Moreno is even openly talking about moving signals trouble to the city of Anaheim. The Angels' lease with the city for Angels Stadium ends in 2016, when Moreno can decide to bolt or stay on until 2029. He's said in the past he wants to make a decision by next year, which means Moreno will play footsie with every third-rate city (hello, Bakersfield! Hola, Las Vegas! Howdy, Hemet!) desperate for culture so he can return to Anaheim officials and extract more public money from them. And Anaheim officials, so accustomed to bending over for corporations as if they were on the set of a Tube8 production, will no doubt grant all of Moreno's wishes–public funding for a new stadium, lessening of taxes, everything from the Art Modell Book of Evil.

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