Romancing the West

OK, so History wasn't our best subject—we skipped class more often then we attended. But if the syllabus looked a little more like this, we would've been a star student. Romancing the West is a collection of songs and stories about the golden coast spanning more than 240 years. Brought to life by musicians like Woodstock performer Melanie (“Brand New Key”), jazz pianist Patti Moran McCoy, Gypsy Soul, Martin Gerschwitz of Iron Butterfly and many more, these are the songs of our people. The program covers everything from the story of the Native Americans, the Lewis and Clarke exploration, the Oregon Trail journey, the gold rush, the Cold War, the Civil Rights movement, and more up until present day. But told through live musical performances, this is anything but a boring old history lesson.

Fri., April 26, 7 p.m., 2013

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