Sandella's Flatbread Cafe Giving Away 20,000 Free Meals

You should ALWAYS pick up a copy of the OC Weekly every week, but if there was ever a week where you'd be stupid NOT to pick one up, it's this week.

Why? There's a gift certificate inside for a free meal at Sandella's Flatbread Cafe. And you don't even have to go looking for your scissors. The insert will just slip out from the middle of the paper (along with another insert that, ahem, isn't food related).

It expires 11/26/2008, it's one coupon per customer, and it's not redeemable for cash; but other than that, there is NO CATCH. No purchase is necessary.

Just bring the coupon to the Sandella's location at 2801 W. Macarthur Blvd., Santa Ana (Open Mon.Fri. 6 AM-9 PM, Sat.-Sun. 7 AM-7 PM) and redeem it for one of the following: Wrap, Panini, Quesadilla, Rice Bowl, Grilled Flatbread (pizza), or Salad.

Now, I haven't tried Sandella's. In fact, I didn't know anything about it until today when the coupon slipped out of my copy of The Weekly!

But let's be fair, people. Don't be grabbing stacks of The Weekly just for the coupons and don't rifle through them just to steal the inserts. We may be in recession, but we still live in a nice, civil society. At least I hope so.

Before becoming an award-winning restaurant critic for OC Weekly in 2007, Edwin Goei went by the alias “elmomonster” on his blog Monster Munching, in which he once wrote a whole review in haiku.

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