Saturday: Burger In-Store with Clorox Girls and Welcome Home Walker

For those who never thought the phrase “pop punk” would ever be used again to describe something worth listening to, Portland trio Clorox Girls–no actual girls in this group by the way– is on a mission to change your mind. Invading the neon-green walls of Fullerton's Burger Records this Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. for a free all-ages show, this thrashing pack of Oregonians trade in catchy, three-chord choruses that blend skateboard punk, campy lyrics and garage band recklessness.
In other words, they're an ideal Burger band. 

After you've perused Burger's makeshift shelves for your favorite dirt-cheap vinyl, watch the band wail away on tracks like “In My Mouth” and “Straight To My Heart” that gladly perpetuate our love secret affair with the hard-hitting pop punk formula. Of course, the CG's bubblegum sounds do get bloody from time to time. B-movie horror buffs should take a gander at their video for “Don't Take Your Life,” a four-minute ode to gore-filled zombie flicks filmed on a shoe string budget. On Saturday, CG is joined by another poppy Portland called Welcome Home Walker. 

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