Sephora Offers More Hello Kitty is the latest site floating around the Internet asking what, fashion-wise, constitutes a “man repeller” when it comes to women’s clothing. While my initial reaction was of the “Fuck you, who cares?” variety, the lists contain a few common denominators of drop-crotch (harem) pants, jump suits, Uggs (sorry, Orange County), leopard print and oversized sunglasses.

While I think it’s pretty awful to judge your wardrobe based on whether or not it’s going to deter a man—puh—the site makes for an entertaining read. Choice quote: “Puff sleeves make the peen go down.”

Another common answer, it seems: Hello Kitty anything. Seems guys don’t really enjoy seeing the familiar mouthless white kitty displayed on women’s tops, but, rest assured, they’re fine with the Hello Kitty skivvies. Okay.

And good news: Here’s another opportunity to purchase some perfectly adorable man repellers!

So I may not have been able to procure a pair of those Sanrio Doc Martens, but the company that spawned Hello Kitty is already onto its next collaboration. While we got to see the now-classic character work with MAC cosmetics a few months ago, this time, she’s working with everyone’s favorite mall time and money waster: Sephora.

Called Hello Kitty Beauty, the collection consists of palettes for eyes, lips, face; nail polish; perfume; and accessories such as brushes, compacts and clutches. While the items seem fine—your usual colors, nothing too earth-shattering—let’s focus on what’s important when it comes to Sanrio items: the cuteness. And you can bet it’s all cute. Hello Kitty Beauty hits Sephora stores in late January. Choice picks:

Apple Lip Balm ($9): It’s a long-lasting balm that hydrates and protects and smells like apples, but who cares? Look how awesome that packaging is!

Brush Set Holder ($49): A neat way to store your makeup brushes—unscrew Kitty’s head and behold! This piece comes with five professional-quality brushes stashed in a silver Hello Kitty figurine. Will people think you’re crazy when using your bathroom? Probably.

Nail Lacquer ($10): I’m following the logic of the apple lip balm here—cute pastel colors, UC protection, long-lasting, etc., but the bottle’s the real winner here. Look at that thing!



This column appeared in print as “More Hello Kitty! More Hello Kitty!”

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