Sexual Assaults of Vietnamese American Kids Earns Severe Punishment

Gary Lee Beavers

A 68-year-old Florida businessman accused of sexually molesting his Vietnamese American girlfriend’s two minor children in Orange County’s Little Saigon area was sentenced today to spend 108 years in a California prison.

Gary Lee Beavers represented himself during his 2017 trial and argued he’d been framed by his jealous, money-hungry Garden Grove companion seeking revenge because he was abandoning their soured relationship.

But, like police detectives, a jury saw otherwise in large part because Beavers used his iPad to record himself engaging in illegal sexual relations in 2014 with his girlfriend’s seven-year-old daughter and five-year-old son when she was not home.

The severe punishment, which means this defendant will never emerge back into society, is the length requested by Deputy District Attorney D. Alexa Elliott.

This prosecutor believes Beavers used to target vulnerable women with minor children, “ingratiated himself” into their lives with financial gifts and launched an ever-escalating “plan” to seek sexual contact with the kids by parading around them nude from the waist down while erect.

“The sophistication of this defendant’s plan, coupled with the longevity and resources he dedicated to his plan and the seriousness of the sexual acts and multiple victims makes this case appropriate for [severe] sentencing,” Elliott argued.

Beavers had sought a new trial on various theories.

The divorced father with two sons advanced an involuntary intoxication defense, claiming his girlfriend secretly drugged his wine with sleeping pills during at least one of the incidents with the minor boy.

He asserted that police doctored video footage of the crimes; sheriff’s deputies in the Orange County Jail continually harassed him in the wee hours of the morning before his trial appearances to make him “sleep deprived”; and law enforcement officials destroyed exculpatory evidence that would have shown he’d been framed.

He also blamed a judge for repeatedly blocking advisory lawyers from helping him navigate legal issues he faced.

None of his efforts worked.

Orange County Sheriff’s Department records show Beavers remains in local custody at the Theo Lacy Jail tonight as of publication.

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