Signs for Anaheim Council Candidates Jordan Brandman and Steve Lodge Get Tagged!

It's that time of year when political aspirants put up campaign signs on every fence, light pole, and mound of dirt that will hold them. After winners and losers are sorted out at the ballot box, candidates in search of a little name recognition usually retreat until there's no sign of them anywhere!

Over the years, these signs have occasionally been good for a laugh or two. Who could forget the “Bad Chi: Food Poisoner” take down of Fullerton city council candidate Roland Chi in 2010? That just might be stand as the best and most hilarious one of them all!

Or how about the absurdity of White power American TP members posing with one of Tan Nguyen's “Stop Illegal Immigration” signs that he planted everywhere in his failed and controversial bid to oust Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez from her seat?

In Anaheim, residents are already having to endure the eyesore of a sign that places Democratic corporatist Jordan Brandman side-by-side with Republican Steve “Chavez” Lodge, who suddenly rediscovered his Mexi roots like A.C. Slater on an old episode of Saved by the Bell: The College Years, sans all the Chicanismo!

The pair are the Disneyocracy-approved and Curt Pringle-blessed candidates who hope to capture both open seats on the
Anaheim city council come November, even as Lodge tried to distance
himself from his cohort in a failed bid to secure the OC GOP's endorsement.

Two months to the day after social unrest exploded outside City Hall, one of the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce PAC signs promising voters that these twinsies will deliver jobs and safe neighborhoods was vandalized itself as it hung on a fence surrounding a hallowed out business building.


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Gabriel San Román is from Anacrime. He’s a journalist, subversive historian and the tallest Mexican in OC. He also once stood falsely accused of writing articles on Turkish politics in exchange for free food from DönerG’s!

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