Slidebar Cafe Hides Behind Veil of Shame On Eve of Kelly Thomas Vigil

While friends and family of Kelly Thomas mourned the one-year anniversary of his brutal beating death at the hands of Fullerton Police at the bus depot on Thursday night, the Slidebar Cafe hid behind a mysterious black curtain.

Perhaps they wanted to shield themselves from the sorrowful sobs and cries of those who remember the 37-year-old homeless man with schizophrenia as an innocent, kind and gentle human being. Or maybe they wanted to keep away from the 100 people who showed up that are demanding answers from the bar's owner Jeremy Popoff about exactly why did his employee make the call to police that led to police showing up in the first place?

Since Popoff finally admitted last month that one of his employees did in fact call police, (See: Slidebar's Role in Kelly Thomas Killing) the Slidebar surely doesn't have a reason to hide.

Unless, of course, they are scared of the repercussions following accusations of attempting to drive out the homeless. (See: Lawsuit Claims Fullerton Manager Enticed Police with a Lie). But nah, this could not be it…

Alas, as of Friday evening, the black curtain has been taken down….like nothing ever happened.

Smooth move, Slimebar!

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