Holi By The Sea @ Bolsa Chica State Beach

In celebration of Holi, a Hindu celebration of the triumph of good over evil hundreds gathered at Bolsa Chica State Beach on Sunday, March 24th, 2019 to welcome in Spring and paint the sky, sand and each other with colorful powders. The annual fundraiser, Holi by The Sea, celebrated it’s 4th annual celebration hosted by Child Rights and You (CRY) America Orange County. Cry is Non Profit that aims for all children to have equal opportunites and basic rights of education, healthcare and protection from abuse.

Traditionally, Holi was an ancient religious holiday, but today the fun, vibrancy, unity and joy associated with Holi, “The Festival of Colors” is celebrated by non-Hindus. Many Non-Indians joined the fun and danced along to the foot-stomping Bollywood music. By the end of the day the people were walking rainbows. There is a sense of inclusiveness as the celebration breaks social barriers of gender, age, rich and poor and race as all peoples skin are coated in vibrant colors.

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