Sublime's Soundscape: Follow the Long Beach Band's Song Way


In this week's cover story, you can read about how Sublime evolved into Sublime with Rome, 14 years after Bradley Nowell died. How Sublime–deeply rooted in Long Beach's iconography–made their mark on the city is part of that story. 

Sublime loved Long Beach–you can tell from their songs, which refer to street names, neighborhoods, bars and stores… lovingly or not.

“What I Got” proclaims “Sublime style's still straight from Long Beach,” while “April 29, 1992” cites specific places in their hood. (Did you know that Ons Liquor Store is now A & Cherry Liquor at 1934 E. Anaheim?) Beyond song lyrics and memories, Sublime made their physical mark locally at record stores and clubs that are now long-gone.


It's hard to imagine Bradley Nowell and Sublime without Long Beach as a
landmark–even places around Long Beach (such as Garden Grove) are
forever immortalized in every frat boy's head via Nowell's lyrics. (The
first lines Nowell sings on Sublime's self-titled, major-label debut are
“We took this trip to Garden Grove/It smelled like Lou Dog inside the
van.”) Click the map above to see a few spots that follow Sublime's Long
Beach footprint over more than 25 years.

Oh, and here's another bit of local trivia for you: the map was beautifully illustrated by Luke McGarry–you might recognize him as the singer/bassist/keyboardist  of Costa Mesa dance rock band Pop Noir

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