TGIF: A Weekend of Nostalgia with Nitzer Ebb and Middle Class

Thank God it's Friday! This has been an incredibly long week, and we're just about ready to dance the pain of losing the house away, starting with Nitzer Ebb, playing at the Galaxy on Saturday. They're appearing at the Galaxy Concert Theatre in Santa Ana just a few weeks after their early producer and longtime supporter Alan Wilder of Recoil and Depeche Mode played his own set there.
You'd think they would've teamed up for a show like they did 20 years ago at Dodger Stadium but such are the vagaries of tour schedules. In any event, the English duo of Douglas McCarthy and Bon Harris will once again be shouting fiercely at the audience to dance to the beat-heavy electronic/industrial grooves.

Sunday means looking up north to a show in LA-which may seem distant, but given the bands playing (T.S.O.L. and the Adolescents, among others), a lot of people are going to be there by hook or by crook. Middle Class, the legendary OC punk band who have as much claim as anyone for inventing hardcore with their 1978 release Out of Vogue, are getting back together for a one-off show at the Frontier Records 30th anniversary show at the Echoplex. (Not with original drummer Bruce Atta though-can't blame the guy, being a college professor is a take-home job.)

Back down in OC, Sunday is also the latest Acrobatics Everyday sponsored show at UC Irvine. It's one for the neo-psychedelic/heavy fuzz crowd. Headliners Eternal Tapestry, on tour out of Portland, have rapidly garnered much praise and attention over their past three years of existence thanks to loud as hell albums like Palace of the Night Skies, not to mention equally strong live performances. More local acts from Los Angeles will also be taking a bow, including the equally mighty Robedoor and the all-theremin heroics of the Faraday Trippers among others. As always, more information can be found at the Acrobatics Everyday website.

If something a little less crazed is a preference, Idina Menzel's performance at the Orange County Performing Arts Center might be the way to go. Possibly the closest thing to a breakout star from the current world of Broadway since Bernadette Peters, Menzel gained major attention there due to her work in Rent and Wicked. These days, however, a mention around any Glee fan and they'll start talking about her role as the rival club coach in the show. So be prepared to hear more than a few cheers from Gleeks.

Monday is the start of another month-long residency stint at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa, and Blok is back. The three-piece was recently voted by our OC Weekly readership as “Reader's Choice for Best Hip-Hop Act of 2010.” Given that they describe themselves on Facebook as “abstract intellectualist fodder that the kids can get into,” it probably means that they've succeeded in the goal. They promise different guests for each of their weekly shows, so grab your black leather and head on over.

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