TGIF: Thank God it's Friday, Time to Watch Shows!

It's going to be a packed weekend, with a ton of shows happening this Saturday. If you need help picking out what you're going to do, we're here to help! 

From Something Corporate at the Grove tonight, to the myriad of shows you can ruin your eardrums at (Shrinky Dinx,  Buskerfest in Long Beach, to Boris at the Glass House), we've got you covered.
Check out the weekend's schedule after the jump.

Something Corporate

Friday finds Something Corporate bringing it back home once again this year with an appearance at the Grove in Anaheim not all that far away from where they had their first reunion appearance at Bamboozle West in March, even if that was in the Angel Stadium parking lot. Nobody was surprised that this all eventually turned into a number of further dates and then a reunion tour, with rumblings of a new album starting to surface as well. Who knows where it¹ll all go; for now, enjoy the ride like they¹re doing. 


On Saturday, Boris headlines up at the Glass House in Pomona with Red Sparowes and Helms Alee also on the bill. Boris , the Japanese band with the horror movie icon name (though they actually took it from a Melvins song of that title), have been partly responsible for a strain of metal dedicated to post-psych/shoegaze moody theatrics, feedback overdrive as atmospherics. The result¹s been a huge and sometimes patchwork amount of releases but they still have surprises. Most recently, they collaborated with the Cult¹s lead singer Ian Astbury on an EP; he¹s also popped up here and there to pitch in live. 


Saturday is the OC Foodie Fest at the Honda Center in Anaheim as well, which is a good excuse to sample a huge amount of food truck choices and figure out which neofusion cuisine New Yorkers are going to be jealous of next. Perhaps appropriately, one of the featured bands is our Locals Only subject of coverage this week, Seedless, dedicated to their own riff on the kind of Southern California reggae grooves the region increasingly calls its own. 

Shrinky Dinx

Saturday further features the Pink is Punk benefit/reunion show at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa, with the Shrinky Dinx headlining over Death by Stereo and Party Theft. It¹s free if you wear pink at the door, but donations for the Gulf Coast Fund are encouraged. For a certain generation of Costa Mesa music fans and musicians, the name the Shrinky Dinx will instantly cause a spark of recognition but if you missed their heyday, or don¹t know who they eventually evolved into well, there¹s Google, or we could just say “Shut the door baby, don¹t say a word.”

Crystal Antlers

If that wasn¹t a packed enough Saturday, BuskerFest up in Long Beach features the conclusion of the season¹s appropriately titled Summer and Music series. Our music feature subjects Chicano Batman are joining a number of local bands. It will be like a battle of the bands situation if you like what you hear, give Oem a wooden nickel token and whoever the overall winner is gets a week¹s worth of studio time. All that, plus shows by Crystal Antlers, Delta Spirit and PawnShop Kings, among others so why not avail yourself of the sea breezes and late August weather?

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