Thank God It's Almost July 4th: Some Concerts For Your Patriotic Weekend

So you're wondering what to do in the run up to exploring a perfect intersection point between local rules and customs on fireworks, alcoholic drinks and flags, all while avoiding the forthcoming heat wave. No need to worry, Heard Mentality is here with some tips:

Another summer, another Hootenanny, another war between looking perfectly styled and hoping like hell you don't sunburn too much. (We salute you all for the effort it takes, trust us.)

It's Saturday at the Oak Canyon Ranch like it's been for a while now, and this year the Dropkick Murphys (read our story about them here) are heading it all up, so expect a few Whitey Bulger references on top of everything else. Reverend Horton Heat is of course on-hand, area heroes like Big Sandy, John Doe and Mojo Nixon are there, Rosie Flores, Murder City Devils, the Supersuckers…you already know if you're going and if you were ever curious about it all, you should be going too.

For Sunday if you're up in Long Beach, Alex's Bar is hosting hometown folks Jail Weddings, headlining over Swahili Blonde, Gangi and the Savage Rascals, all for $5 so you can't beat that.

In Costa Mesa, meanwhile, the appearance of Paul Oakenfold at Sutra is the equivalent of perfect casting. (Even if some of us creakier types still go “Wait didn't he produce that one Happy Mondays album…”) 

But elsewhere in Costa Mesa might be the show of the night and you can be the star — after a near endless series of Sunday night turns, Lester Trombone is hanging up his hat as the host of the Detroit Bar's karaoke evenings. If you've never been, now's the time, because there's nothing quite like getting on the now famous stage and happily daring a friend to croak through “My Heart Will Go On” with you, all with Lester's encouragement. Not that I would know…

And for the Fourth itself, if you're feeling honest to goodness patriotic (and desperate to escape Huntington Beach's annual parade of vomit), just head on down to Verizon Wireless in Irvine and enjoy the Pacific Symphony Orchestra play the Old Glory-and-related hits — and also present Kraig Parker's Symphonic Tribute to Elvis! You know, why not. Somehow it makes all too much sense.  And yup, there's fireworks.  Camp out on the lawn, let everything explode above your head and go to work on Tuesday going “Wait, did that just happen?”

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