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The Bond Between OC Homeless and their Dogs Proves Money Can’t Buy You Love [OC Weekly Video]

It’s easy to argue that homeless who can’t take care of themselves could be subjecting their pets to deprivation and risk. This skepticism is so engraved into society that some people apparently take it upon themselves to cut the leashes of homeless peoples animals as they sleep while others offer up to $1000 to buy off their furry friends and often homeless find themselves dealing with Animal Control or being asked for their pet licensing from authorities. These practices and attitudes are misguided. This video features homeless dog owners in Orange County whose need for companionship is just as important as the need for food or shelter. The dogs serve as guard dogs, therapy dogs, traveling companions and mans best friend. These stories prove that finances do not indicate how much love a person deserves or where it should come from. People experiencing homelessness deserve the same intimate connections as everyone else.