The Warlocks, Church of Sun, Blood Candy, Creatures Choir

Get ready for some twisted prayers to come your way from Church of Sun, who let loose through their alluring bluesy psych rock sound. Creatures Choir similarly packs psychedelic fuzz guitar, especially on songs like “Nervous Indigo” that mimic the maudlin strains of spaghetti western strains in its intro. The female-fronted Blood Candy from Los Angeles touch on sun-drenched reverb and dreamy shoegaze, with its own take on '90s grunge thats all the more potent in a live show setting. Last but not least, The Warlocks have been consistently working and performing through line up changes and include a slimmed down collective of seven members from its previous number of nineteen, kicking out Velvet Underground-meets-The Cramps-meets-late '70s rock jams. Check out all these fierce musical acts tonight to celebrate the mid-week hump.

Wed., June 10, 8 p.m., 2015

Aimee Murillo is calendar editor and frequently covers the Orange County DIY music scene, film, arts, Latino culture and currently pens the long-running column Trendzilla. Born, raised, and based in Santa Ana, she loves bad movies, punk shows, raising her plants, eating tacos, Selena, and puns.

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