The Year in Letters

What follows is our annual roundup of letters we run only at the end of the year.


I recently attended First Congregational Church's stirring rendition of Messiah. As the heroic, Wagner-like, Hallelujah chorus proclaimed, “He shall live forever.”

Regrettably, the “powers that be,” though declining to alter Handel's masterpiece, had no compunction “castrating” the balance of the Christmas songs. All male references were either neutered or feminized. The befuddled congregation sang the new lyrics as well as possible.

Whenever I hear the word “inclusive,” I reach for my revolver.

Joe Mack
Long Beach
Jan. 5


My Irish eyes are smiling because Costa Mesa has done it again! Thousands of area residents—when they patronized their favorite convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants and other retail businesses—brought the luck of the Irish to families affected by muscle-wasting diseases. By purchasing and signing the Shamrocks Against Dystrophy mobiles, they turned these high-traffic venues green with good fortune for St. Patrick's Day.

By taking part in Shamrocks and other Muscular Dystrophy Association events, and by calling in pledges to the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon broadcast on KCAL-TV, OC Weekly readers continue to make a huge difference for families throughout California and across the nation. On behalf of my niece and others living with neuromuscular diseases, I thank you!

Maureen McGovern
National Vice President, MDA
March 20


The attached solicitation from your friend the right Reverend Robert H. Schuller, urges the faithful to contribute to his new $2,000,000-plus POSSIBILITY THINKER'S CENTER.

“It's for everybody. We've got to make sure that's understood—there'll be something for everyone.”

This is to learn if the reverend will be opening his center to gays, airline stewards, Muslims, Buddhists and the diversity of helpless indigents who might be needing the center's classrooms, chapel, auditorium (for student productions and other performing artists), food courts, men's and women's conference rooms, hospitality center, and display areas for historic collections.

With thanks for your assigning an OC Weekly journalist to this important report about Dr. Schuller's new Possibility Thinker's Center.

Bruce S. Hopping
Laguna Beach
June 15


Ever wonder what happened to Dennis the Menace, the master of mischief, the mother of all Excedrin headaches, the scourge of parents, teachers and the cop on the beat (not to mention the crabby old man next door)?

He grew up to establish an outrageous, in-your-face, gleefully politically incorrect company called Socially Hazardous. His product? A continuously changing line of rude, funny, holographic stickers and temporary tattoos that have taken the nation's youth by storm, catapulting sales from 0 to the stratosphere within four short years.

At company headquarters in Huntington Beach, you step into an ambiance straight out of MTV, in which soft-cushioned, slouch-inducing sofas and deep purple walls throb to the beat of alternative rock. Needless to say, this is not your father's office. No one in the place is over 35. But—shh, don't tell anybody—this mellowed-out, counterculture celebration of surf dudes, skater guys and brat power disguises a relentlessly retro work ethic.

To arrange an interview with the twisted, “totally brat” geniuses behind Orange County's hottest new company (and you thought today was a total waste of makeup), call to arrange an interview.

Sharon Walizadeh
Communication Advocates, Costa Mesa
June 20


In front of the Laguna Beach City Hall there is a fountain that I understand the City Council is going to move because they don't like it. I like it. A lot of people like it. It was designed to be an interactive piece—i.e., you or a youngster can walk through it, touch the water, even move to a lower flume.

Why are they moving it? I have talked to people who work within a block or two, and everyone likes it. Politicians can destroy public art. Perhaps you remember it. It looks something like this:

Roger Carter
Laguna Beach
July 18


Many Americans are not aware of a movement advocated by many influential “Americans” to repeal the Declaration of Independence. Most in this movement would never admit that they want to repeal the Declaration, but the effect of this movement is doing exactly that. I am talking about the movement toward world government under the United Nations.

While our Declaration of Independence boldly asserts that our rights come from God, the UN's Declaration of Human Rights states that our rights are granted by government. No wonder dictatorships such as Cuba and China are UN members in good standing!

America has become so entangled in the United Nations that she is losing her ability to act as a free nation. This plan for world government can be thwarted if enough Americans join the growing campaign to get us out of the United Nations.

Frank Hamann
July 30

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