This Week in Food: A Fantasy Dining Room, Where to Bring a Can to See Some Cans, and How to Navigate the Best Liquor Store in Tijuana

This week's dining digest brings you a rather wide spectrum of nummy bits – from the silly, the sad, and the nostalgic, to the healthy and the gut bombs. Let's take a look, shall we?

First, we're happy to have Edwin back and blogging up a storm. His food review looked inside Au Naturaw in SanTana, a new restaurant that has thoughtfully erased the need for meat to create a tasty meal. Not to mention, given itself a pretty punny name. Then he took us to Disney World in Florida where a replica of Beauty and the Beast's ballroom has been built as a restaurant. Disney fiends better start wishing for one in our park now. Last, Edwin brought us beverage stories with a profile of San Clemente's South of Nick's “The Spicy Lover” and a look at a pretty ridiculous stocking stuffer – a $450 stainless steel, Starbucks gift card.

Gustavo found himself eating at Rance's Chicago Pizza in Costa Mesa for Hole in the Wall, and loving it except for the wall it's located in. On the opposite end of the spectrum, he told us about a holiday deal in which bringing a can of food to Fritz That's It Gentleman Club gets you free admission and more cans! Then he hosted a book signing for Taco USA at the SanTana Public Library and showed us where to buy the best tamales for Christmas.

Anne Marie shared the opening of Pitfire Artisan Pizza in Costa Mesa and Teemu Selanne in Laguna Beach. Then dropped the sad, sad bomb that Fresh and Easy Markets may be leaving the U.S. for good.

Dave kept us scoffing with the 6th edition of his Yelp review critiques. He mused over the amazing toast (of all things) at the Gypsy Den in Anaheim. And gave an in-depth story for our Tijuana Si! column about the place you must, must, must stop at in Mexico before heading back home – Leyava's Liquor, a purveyor of over 500 brands of tequila that has withstood the test of time.

Sarah took us to a Long Beach Lunch at Merced's, where the Mexican food is cheap and simple comfort food. Then Gabriel wrapped things up by trying Weinerschnitzels' limited edition Chili Cheese Tamales. We're pretty sure that a brick covered in their chili cheese sauce would taste alright.

Until next week, Happy Noming!

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