This Week In Food: Doritos' Dad Dies, Nicki Minaj's Pink Chicken Wing Necklace And More!

We love food. Some of us love food so much we want to wear it as jewelry. Some of us have Doritos sprinkled over our graves. Others dislike food and are totally boring like Anderson Cooper. Read all about these tales of culinary love and hate after the jump!

Gustavo invites readers to engage in a whodunnit: which Santa Ana restaurant owner doesn't like black people? Also: the Weekly and KCRW are teaming up again to bring you a fantastic happy hour at Mesa, Break Of Dawn will open for dinner next year, five Mexican food empires started by thieving Americans, and a UK vegan/vegetarian dating site gets busted when too many meat-eaters join.

Michelle found the designer behind Nicki Minaj's hot pink chicken wing necklace. Also, Google continues to conquer the world by making Google beer, Anderson Cooper tries coffee and spinach for the first time on video and Doritos will be sprinkled over their creator's grave.
Edwin interviewed the Lime Truck after winning the Great Food Truck Race on Food Network. Also: we're closing in on the end of our 100 Greatest Dishes 2011 with number 11: $4.95 breakfast at Da L'uau. The 15th annual Persian Festival is this weekend.
Anne Marie went On the Line with chef Gloria Mogollan of Franco's Pasta Cucina. Read parts one, two and three here.

Dave whipped up a handy info-graphic called Are You a Vegetarian? for two recent vegetarian holidays. Also, he found a cart in Long Beach offering delicious pralines!

When not running the and OC Weekly’s social media sites, Taylor “Hellcat” Hamby can be found partying like it’s 1899.

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