This Week In Food: Local Honey, Truffle Dealer, and LB's Giant Donut

Hi guys! Happy 4th! I'm back now! Let's take a look at what happened this week in food…

Edwin went to the cozy and beautiful Pirozzi in Corona del Mar for his print review. He gave us the June restaurant roll call and named the smoked trout at Provenance one of his favorite dishes for our countdown to the 2014 Best Of issue.


Gustavo visited Fa-Sai Thai Cuisine for his Hole in the Wall column. He also added to the list of 100 favorites with the pambazo at Tacos Radioactivos and the beef pho at Pho Crystal Noodle House.

Charles broke the news that Long Beach is taking down the famous, giant, pink donut on 7th St. – but don't worry, they're just fixing it up. He introduced us to the Synek, basically a Keurig for beer, and he shared VICE's documentary on the life of a New York truffle dealer.

Anne Marie interviewed Ryan Smith of Massey Honey for her On the Line column. She also had a Q&A with Adam Gertler of Dog Haus. Sierra named four foods to avoid preparing on the 4th and Sarah went to Your House (no, not you) for her Long Beach Lunch.

Last, our new intern Courtney Hamilton named the PB & J donut at The Donuttery, the beef burger at Rider's Club Cafe, and the small plates from A&J Restaurant some of our favorite dishes.

Until next week, have a drunken and safe 4th, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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