This Week In Food: Starbucks Supports Gay Marriage, Craft Cocktail Bar Etiquette, RIP Valhalla Table

Makes your arteries harden just looking at it, doesn't it? Find out what the heck this is and more in this week's edition of what happened on the blog this week!


How is Luigi's D'Italia doing after being revamped by Gordon Ramsay on Hell's Kitchen? Dave went recently and noted the differences. Also, Jason Quinn lets everybody at Playground “Burn In Hell”. How to drink at a craft cocktail bar without being an asshat.

Michelle informed us Starbucks publicly supports gay marriage. Suck it, Chick-fil-A. Also; happy birthday, Noble Ale Works, OC Weekly's Best Brewery of 2011. Now let's drink!

Anne Marie went On The Line with chef Paul Zhu of The Balcony Grill & Bar. Read parts onetwo and three here. Also, Valhalla Table at the Camp closed over the weekend
Taco Bell is trying to compete with Chipotle by…imitating Chipotle. Also; Edwin announced his pick of the best seafood restaurants in OC. Do you agree? Start running Japan- KFC's Double Down (the infamous no bun, but two slaps of fried chicken instead, sandwich) is coming!
And we can't forget the Taco Bell Crime of the Week by Gustavo! A drunk man made a taco run and fell asleep in the parking lot. Classic!
Happy eating!
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