Thrice's Eddie Breckenridge on Playing at the Yost Theater

While Thrice is gearing up for the release of their seventh studio release, Major/Minor, their  bassist Eddie Breckenridge sent me a few thoughts on the Yost Theater while I was reporting story on its opening; the Irvine prog-rockers are performing at Yost on August 13 to give a hometown audience the first taste of the new songs.

Breckenridge said he only knew the Yost was an amazing old theater that was reopening prior to booking a show there.
“I'm still not sure it it had been completely out of commission or what
had been going on with it years ago, but now all I hear are good things
and that we really needed to jump at the opportunity to play there,” and that while he hasn't seen the finished product yet, he “can't wait to check it out.”

While there are venues that host good music in OC, Breckenridge says “venues that hold a historical value and
timeless beauty can't be replicated. It's good to keep places like the
Yost maintained and running.” With
all the touring Thrice has been doing in the past 10 years, he says he feels like the band's local scene connection has fizzled a bit–but they did we
spend a ton of time at venues like Koo's Cafe in Santa Ana (which Yost proprietor Dennis Lluy ran) and Chain
Reaction in Anaheim in Thrice's early days. “I miss those days,” he says.

Nevertheless, he's really excited about playing at the Yost because of the vibe. “For me, playing music is all about the
feeling that not only resonates from the music, but also the place, the
people, the presence. I can't wait. I just want it all to align and we
can have a night to remember.”

Thrice perform at Yost Theater (307 Spurgeon St., Santa Ana) on Aug. 13, $25, all ages. The show is sold out.

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