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TODAY (Aug. 12): Special Commission to End Homeless Meeting

Photo: Richie Diesterheft/Flickr [1]

There will be a special meeting of the county’s Commission to End Homelessness [2] this afternoon at 1 p.m.  The agenda shows the 19-member commission will act on the amendments to their bylaws, two litigation settlements, and the 2019 Everyone Counts [3] final report. The commission will also discuss Be Well OC [4] and get updates from its ad hoc chairs.

The Everyone Counts report came in on July 30. Here are just a few of its findings:

A total of 6,860 individuals were counted as experiencing unsheltered and sheltered homelessness during the Orange County 2019 Point In Time Count

3,961 or 57.74 percent of individuals were experiencing unsheltered homelessness.

2,899 or 42.26 percent of individuals were sheltered in an emergency shelter or transitional housing program.

466 unsheltered and sheltered families that consisted of 1,550 persons – 584 adults and 966 children – were counted countywide.

70 or over half (63.63 percent) of the 110 unsheltered families were living in a vehicle (car, van, truck or recreational vehicle in disrepair).

275 transitional age youth [aged 18-24] were counted as experiencing homelessness countywide.

Nearly half (44.7 percent) of the transitional age youth identified as Hispanic or Latino.

311 unsheltered and sheltered veterans were counted countywide. Nearly one-third (31.83 percent) were sheltered. More than two-thirds (68.17 percent) were unsheltered.

Blacks or African Americans and Multiple Races are overly represented in Orange County’s homeless population. Hispanic and Latino families experiencing homelessness are over represented in the Orange County’s homeless population.

  • On the night of the 2019 Housing Inventory Chart sheltered Point in Time Count was conducted, 738 emergency shelter and transitional housing beds remained vacant.

Click here [5] to view the agenda and all the documents related to the meeting. The meeting will take place at the Orange County Transportation Headquarters, Conference Room 07-08. The address is 550 S. Main St., Orange.