Tomorrow: Jeffertiti's Nile at Cal State Fullerton, Noon

When was the last time you let meandering, psychedelic sounds intrude on your lunch break? If the answer is “never” or “not in a long time,” you owe it to yourself to sneak down to Cal State Fullerton's Underground Pub tomorrow and listen to Jeffertiti's Nile, a band who makes these slithering sounds their specialty. 
Emerging from the bohemian bowels of Topanga Canyon, the free-wheeling five piece known as Jeffertiti's Nile is coming down from the LA wilderness to spread their hypnotic hippie jams with a growing OC audience. They'll be stopping in for a free 12 p.m. performance at Cal State Fullerton's sequestered pub/bowling alley/pizza parlor. The show is part of a weekly concert series presented by Cal State Fullerton's Associated Students Inc. (ASI for short). 

JN's litanies of effect-laden sound, raw groove and hair-swinging live show is sure to emit  mind-rattling vibes that go perfect with a greasy piece of pizza from the adjunct Roundtable eatery just steps away from the stage. 

With a number of high profile local gigs this month (including an opening slot for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the Glass House on Sep. 15), this sequestered college gig is prime territory to preview the band and decide whether you want to spend money to join them on their intergalactic spirit voyage. Besides, did we mention tomorrow's show is free?  For further inquiry on their sound, check out the video for their song “Sleep Tonight.” 

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