TONIGHT: Andre Nickatina at the Grove of Anaheim

The list of slick- tongued superstars to come out of the Bay Area is pretty lengthy. You've got your Tupacs, your Too $horts, E-40s and MC Hammers. But one name that you habitual Power 106 and K-Day listeners better recognize is Andre Nickatina. After two decades,  his vulgar and vivid flows have sparked over a dozen underground albums and sold-out shows throughout the West Coast. His next stop: The Grove of Anaheim. We suggest you be there.

Fans of Nickatina (born Andre Adams) have been obsessing over his skills since he first stepped on to the Bay Area hip-hop scene in 1993 as “Dre. Dog” with his debut album The New Jim Jones. Now on his 14th solo release, he's blessed us with the curiously titled Khan! The Me Generation. We're guessing he's a Star Trek fan. Tonight's trip to the Grove is smack in the middle of his West Coast/Midwest tour. The show starts at 8:30 p.m. and tickets are $25.

But we're wondering how he'll fare in the land of Disney. Something tells us that the Nickatina fan base might be a little thin in these parts. Any thoughts? Are you going to the show? While you ponder those questions, check out this awesome Scarface-inspired music video of his classic track “Ayo For Yayo” made by one of his fans. 

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