Top Five Most Interesting Video Game Moms

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and it's the one time of year in which you have the opportunity to express your love and respect for the woman that raised and nurtured you. Whether you celebrate this day with breakfast in bed, family gatherings, or macaroni cards, your mother deserves to be reminded that she'll forever hold a special place in your heart.

Video gamers especially have the greatest mothers on the planet. These women are the ones that have to raise hyperactive children who play video games all day. How often do you tell your mom to “wait five minutes” after calling you down for dinner?

In honor of mother's day, here is a compilation of the greatest and most peculiar mothers in video games. Although these moms may not be nearly as great as your own, they do deserve many honorable mentions.

5. Seth Balmore (Lost Odyssey, XBOX 360)

Think being an immortal like Lost Odyssey's Seth is easy? Think again. She's forced to go through life watching every one around her grow old and pass away. This leads to many awkward situations. Although she'll look like a 25-year old fitness model for eternity, her son isn't blessed with the gift of eternal youth. He's a 70-year old wrinkly old man, who continues to cry out and call her “Mama” whenever he sees her. Being the great mother that she is, Seth doesn't care. She loves her son, regardless of how creepy he is.


4. Sophitia Alexandra (Soul Edge, Playstation)

It's hard to image any child ever becoming hungry with a mother like Sophitia from the Soul Edge/Soul Calubur series. She is a strong-willed and selfless woman who is devoted to her family and will do anything in order to protect them. Like most mothers, she was willing to have an evil sword devour her soul in order to protect her kids. The things a mother would do for the sake of her children!

3. Crono's Mom (Chrono Trigger, SNES)

Crono's mother from Chrono Trigger takes a very active role in the life of her son. Not only does she provide a loving home for her child, but she is genuinely interested in meeting all of the friends that Crono brings home. She even has the good sense to ask where Crono is if you should visit the house without him.

She also chases a cat into a time machine.

2. Animal Crossing Mom (Animal Crossing, Gamecube)

After moving out to live with the animals, your mother in Animal Crossing sends you weekly letters just to let you know what's going on in that strange life of hers. These letters usually contain a small anecdote about life in the character's home prior to moving out. Some days she'll send you money. Other days she'll send you a piece of fruit. In some situations, she'll tell you a creep story about her observations in life.

You don't even need to write her back, she'll just keep sending you letters and gifts. Now that's a characteristic of a great mother–unconditional love.

1. Pokémon Mom (Pokémon, Gameboy)

The Pokémon mom, or simply pokémom, is unlike any other mother in video game fiction. The very first thing that she says to her son is, “All boys leave home someday. It said so on TV.” What does she do as you leave home to pursue your dream as a Pokémon master? She watches the movie Stand By Me, practically unaware that you're leaving. After your short farewell, you begin your life as an 10-year old wandering the world, capturing and fighting animals for a living. Now who wouldn't want a mother as cool as the pokémom?

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