TrashPretty's End Of Summer Music Fest

Summer ain't over 'till the bands at TrashPretty sing. Just because our mid-year season isn't over technically until late September, that doesn't mean there's no reason to throw a helluva party now. TrashPretty, Laguna Beach's vintage store-venue-superstar, is going to do just that on Saturday with their End of Summer Music Fest featuring Tomorrows Tulips, TRMRS, The Lovely Bad Things and more. Together, TrashPretty and the bands are going to bring some anarchy to the city by the sea. 
We spoke via email with some of the bands and Erin from TrashPretty about how they spent their summer vacations!

  • What was the worst thing that happened this summer?

The Lovely Bad Things:
Tim: Tacoma, Wash. 
Brayden: Camping outside of Federal Way, Wash. in the rain for three days, and almost getting stabbed at the Tacoma Safeway.
Camron: And being silently stalked in the woods by an unknown creature.
Brayden: And meeting a possible serial killer in Chehalis, Wash.
Lauren: Camron had a diarrhea inducing burrito on the road.

Tommy from TRMRS: Aside from the death of our van (R.I.P. CHONGLER) The worst thing that
happened was me having to take an emergency shit at a venue in
Seattle called “the Funhouse”….not fun. We're looking at 1.5, maybe a
2 on a 1-10 scale. No locks, no paper, no door.

Erin from TrashPretty: That blond hotty next door at SUP hasn't talked to me yet.

Keepers of the Sun:
Amy: Dragons inhabited my brain.
Mario: I started using my credit card at bars cause I ran out of money.


  • Which one of you looks best in a bathing suit?

The Lovely Bad Things:
: Camron is actually wearing a bathing suit right now. He looks like the Coppertone Girl.
Brayden: Me.
Camron: I am the Coppertone Girl.

  • What was your favorite show you went to this summer?

Tommy from TRMRS: My favorite show this summer was probably on our west coast tour
watching King Tuff and Shannon and the Clams play at SMMR BMMR FEST in
Portland, Oregon. Orrrr my other other favorite show was funny just
because  I got put in a headlock and kicked out of this super lame
“church venue” before we even played (but after we got paid), so I
exposed myself to the giant church Nazi bouncer, and all the 16-year-old
skater kids proceeded to throw stuff at him. He had a sparkly shaved
head and a massive Christian goatee that I wanted to pet. Bummer.

The Lovely Bad Things:
: When Pangea played the Lovely Bad Pad!

  • What was your favorite show of the summer at TrashPretty?

Erin from TrashPretty:  It's a toss up between our June 25 concert with Keepers of the
, Buffalo Electric, Mr. Elevator, Kokomos and the fashion show. a
whole bunch of crazy clothes and beautiful people. A little

  • What's the best reason to celebrate the end of summer?

Erin from TrashPretty: It's Laguna Beach. The weather is amazing, the people are hot, the music never stops.

Tommy from TRMRS: Lessssss kooks at the beach. 🙂

The Lovely Bad Things:
: Because Lovely Bad Things are playing at TrashPretty!

End of Summer Music Fest at Trash Pretty, 1103 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, (949) 497-6797. 1 p.m. $8. All ages.
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