Trendzilla: Retro-Disnerds Unite!

We've spent a lot of time rolling our eyes at Disnerd costumes. But there are a few special groups who roll through the park that make us think, yes, you actually have something. One of these is the beer-sock-clad gang who goes to California Adventure only to drink beer and go on rides. But when it comes to dressing up, the retro ladies at Pinup Parade win.

The event started by accident when Pinup Girl Clothing (, with its unfortunate acronym PUG, noticed its customers were dressing up and visiting Disneyland in droves. The owners thought, “Well, what the hell—let's make it a ball!” And now PUG sets days for ladies to visit the park all dolled up, to enjoy it together while making frumpy moms feel all the more sexy on their family vacations.

PUG re-creates retro wardrobes for girls big and small at surprisingly fair prices, and the diverse selection scrolls on for pages. While designed for a niche market, PUG can appeal to women who can't afford a genuine vintage pinup dress or to lifetime-committed rockabilly girls looking for a very specific piece. As someone who drools over women who manage to pull off a retro look every day, PUG makes the prospect seem attainable.

The next Pinup Parade is Nov. 2, and for it, PUG brings together designer Micheline Pitt and an artist adored by Disnerds, Stephanie Buscema, to create the Fairytale Fantasy collection, with 1950s geometric diamonds, princess patterns and, my favorite, an array of wicker-basket purses.

After a day at the park, we know the Pinups will keep the ball rolling at Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar.

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