True 2 Crue

In the world of ’80s hair metal bands, Motley Crue were the living embodiment of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, typical for VH1’s Behind The Music fodder, but one thing is true: they did produce great music. Which explains the longevity of their mainstream popularity to this day, and fans can still enjoy their music performed live by tribute band True 2 Crue. After receiving the accolades of Motley’s members themselves, you know this band truly is red hot, from the look to the sound. Members Criss Sixx, Ozzy, Larry and Michael exude the Bad Boy Boogie-realness you’d expect from the real thing, without the bad behavior: True 2 Crue remain a family-friendly act, so bring the family crue along with you to their show today.

Sat., April 2, 3 p.m., 2016
(Expired: 04/02/16)

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