T.S.O.L. Added to Frontier Records 30th Anniversary Show; Founder Lisa Fancher Talks History

​Hardcore legends T.S.O.L. have been added to the lineup for the Frontier Records 30th Anniversary show at the Echoplex on Sunday, Nov. 7. The lineup also includes the Adolescents, Middle Class, Rikk Agnew, Pontiac Brothers, Deadbeats, Stains and Flyboys, so expect a lot of crusties to appear.

In a phone interview, Lisa Fancher, founder of Frontier Records, says she chose the line up based on bands who a) had the ability to rehearse or b) played quasi recently. “I would've loved to have Redd Kross but Steve McDonald was playing with OFF! in Austin that day, so no Redd Kross.”

Fancher, who counts recording the Adolescents in Sun Valley as one of her best memories (“I had to make sure they showed up, and showed up sober,”), says she never expected Frontier to be around this long. She handled everything–from picking all the bands and manning the label–herself for 30 years. “I suppose I should've found something else to do along the line, but we're managing.”

Despite the slump in music industry the past two years, Frontier Records is surviving, mostly due to reissues. “There's really been no drop off in interest in the first five or seven records that I've done. They don't sell huge but they keep us in business–the vintage, early '80s stuff.”

Show starts at 4 p.m., is all ages and tickets are available online at Ticketweb.

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