Turning Your Forehead Into A Bagel Is A Crazy Trend In Japan

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes those beholders are fucking weird. Case in point: Bagel heads. These are people who get saline injections to make it look like there are bagels inside their foreheads. Bagels, as in the breakfast food. Inside their foreheads. Yeah. It's fashion. Just go with it.  


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We first heard about the trend sometime in 2011, but last night, the National Geographic Channel show Taboo explored its popularity in Japan. Guys and girls over there are flocking to get the two-hour procedure, which basically involves plumping one's forehead into a giant welt, and then pressing a thumb into the center of the welt to create an indent. The results are temporary–the protrusion diminishes after about 16 hours as your body absorbs the saline.  
It'll all make sense after watching this video. No, no it won't. Whyyyyyyyyyy is this a thing?!!! 

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