Twilight Fans: Check Out Muse's Video

What with all the drama that MySpace and the Twilight folks created  when they released
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
track list, I'm surprised that Muse's “Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)” video just landed on my lap, but it did.
So here goes:

What's it like? I never liked Muse; they're constantly ripping off Radiohead, and this song is terrible. Plus, Muse is on its way to becoming an arena rock band, but it's the worst kind of wannabe arena rock band. It's like, if you never knew what Queen was like live, you'd think Muse put on a good show.
BUT! The video has great scenes from the movie that I've never seen before. A ton of gratuitous shirtless shots of a hot Jacob. New vampire characters. Cute wolf packs. Go Jacob! Put the video on mute while watching, it might make the experience better.

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