U2 is Now Accepting Offers for The Claw

When we first heard the news that the U2 360 stage was going to  be for sale, we joked that it could be used by places all over OC. Now it is officially on sale: you can view 3D renderings, size specifications and buyer contact info on www.panthermanagement.com/theclaw.

Apparently the stage was designed by Bono, Willie Williams and Mark Fisher, and has been in 110 concerts in 78 cities in 30 countries. It was designed to support up to 185 tonnes and engineered to withstand high winds while sustaining seismic loads. While on tour, “the claw” carried a cylindrical video screen able to open to a size of 14,000 square feet and designed to provide fans with the best possible concert viewing experience ever.

The site has really interesting drawings of future uses for The Claw–

– As a music and entertainment venue, structure is able to
provide a large covered stage area with or without wings and offers
maximum load capacity for any event.

– At a world exposition or Olympic games, this is an
attention grabbing high profile structure that also claims a unique
piece of history.

– As an exhibition hall, the complex could be fitted with multiple floors with ceilings anywhere from 10 to 100 feet.

– As a plaza, the “claw” encompasses an area of 2,727 square
meters (28,287 square feet) and would easily accommodate up to 2,800
people under cover.

– As a pre-built, engineered enclosure the structure is
easily transportable, requires a very short installation time frame, and
has proven to be extremely rugged and dependable.

Well? Any takers?

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