UCI's 'Artistic Beats' Takes Islamic Culture to the Club

UC Irvine student Hannah Said combines her passions for helping youth, giving back to her community and her faith of Islam to put on a benefit concert called “Artistic Beats” at the university's Crystal Cove Auditorium tonight from 6-9:30 p.m. The concert line-up is an eclectic mix of spoken word poets, acoustic musicians, a West African break dance. Looking to get your rave on? The event even promises a techno light show. 

Ticket sales and proceeds from the evening's art auction will be donated to the Child Abuse Services Team (CAST) in Orange County, where Said has interned for the past two months.

“Every dime is going to CAST,” she says; the social services group who teams up with doctors, nurses, therapists, police and attorneys to conduct child sexual abuse investigation.
Said–a public health science major in her senior year–hopes to
raise awareness about CAST, as well as her faith's followers. She says
she wants to show her campus that Muslims are normal Americans who like to create
art and music.
“There's a muhajaba (Muslim woman who wears a headscarf) that
will do a [techno] light show,” she says. “You would never think a Muslim girl
listens to techno, let a lone a Muslim woman who will give you a light

In bringing Muslim and non-Muslim artists on stage together, Said hopes the concert draws both crowds.

“My Muslim friends aren't going to a bar,” she said, in reference to the
Islamic rule that prohibits Muslims from drinking alcohol. “And my
non-Muslim friends aren't going to the mosque, so here's a way to bring
everyone together and have a good time.”

Most of the artists hail from UC Irvine but graduate students from UC
and UC Riverside are also involved. Art pieces will be auctioned off at the end of
the event, including photos, stencil art, and paintings.

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