It’s easy to recognize triumphant contemporary actor-and-director duos like Hanks and Spielberg—but if you want to be a real movie buff, go back into the time capsule for this truly great tandem. We're talking about the director who brought you the image of blood pouring into a shower drain and the actor famous for going to Washington—the iconic Alfred Hitchcock and James Stewart. This Wednesday, brush up on your movie classics with Vertigo, the legendary and psychedelic private-detective film set in beautiful San Francisco. It's the story of Scottie Ferguson, a shamus who develops a case of acrophobia and falls in love with Madeleine Elster, played by the luscious Kim Novak. And as Scottie Ferguson falls in love, he ends up the product of one death-defying and masterful plot twist you'll never see coming.

Wed., Jan. 18, 7:30 p.m., 2012

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