Wallpaper Camouflage Pale Ale from Brouwerij West, Our Beer of The Week!

The blue-collar town of San Pedro is the perfect place for Brouwerij West. At 120,000 square feet, this World War 2-era warehouse is the roomiest brewery this side of Munich, with plenty of picnic tables outdoors and huge sturdy picnic tables inside the tasting room. Brouwerij West is children- and pet-friendly with food trucks almost daily, but feel free to bring in your own grub, there’s plenty of board games and Brouwerij West is also available for weddings or private parties.

Brian Mercer and David Holop opened Brouwerij West in early 2016 but had operated since 2010, brewing their tasty suds at other breweries on contract. Brian is the Head Brewer and his love for Belgian-style beers took him not only to Belgium but around the world as he learned the fine art of brewing craft beer. His attention to detail and quality ingredients is apparent in your first sip of his beer as it awakens your palette. Brian procures his malts from Oregon: Mecca Grade in Madras, a legendary farm in its eighth generation of farmers. Brian himself is a fourth-generation San Pedro native, brewing nothing but the best for his community.

Dog Ate My Homework Blackberry Saison (7% ABV) is a local favorite that uses blackberry juice from Washington. It’s fruit-forward but not too sweet: refreshing, slightly tart and very enjoyable. The Starfish IPA (6.8% ABV) is a Hazy IPA using Mecca Grade Estate Barley, raw wheat, raw Oats, raw Rye, and double-hopped with Centennial and Chinook hops—juicy! Refreshing and tangy upfront, with a nice bitter finish for those IPA fans, it’s available in cans To Go! And Mecca Grade makes another appearance in the Wallpaper Camouflage Pale Ale (5%ABV) with its Pale Malt. The Styrian Goldings Hops are grown in Slovenia and Austria and have a nice bitterness with citrus and floral notes. Very smooth, full flavor profile.

Pack up the kids, the dog, the neighbors, the neighbor’s dog and tell ’em you’re going to Ports of Call (which is right up the street)…and stop at Brouwerij West instead. Ha!

Brouwerij West, 110 E. 22nd St., San Pedro, (310) 833-9330; www.brouwerijwest.com

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