Walter Meego with Mr. White, B.B. Guns and James Monroe at Detroit Bar

If Friday night life had a soundtrack, we'd imagine that the first song would probably be “Forever” by Walter Meego. Maybe it's the synth pop snap of their infectious beats, or the lyrics that the average person could sing like a pro even after a few too many Jager-bombs. Whatever the case for their electro pop-ularity, this Chicago duo is bringing a bag full of jams from their latest album “Voyager” to Detroit Bar this weekend. Since the band was formed at the turn of the milllenium, members Colin Yarck and Justin Sconza have been crafting a sound that pays homage to American pop of the 90's. Mix that with a puree of neon acid trips and unicorns and you pretty much have their sound…enjoy! Make sure you come early to party with supporting acts Mr. White, B.B. Guns and James Monroe.

Fri., Sept. 26, 9 p.m., 2008

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