Watch The May Company’s New Video Inspired By Dungeons and Dragons

The May Company’s music is the kind that sends you spiraling into a psychedelic daze without the aid of hallucinogens. The three-piece group entices listeners through releasing material that is nothing but fresh and original in content, never failing to keep the topic of discussion interesting. Do you know any other band that has a half hour psych-punk opera dedicated to Sasquatch? Didn’t think so. The May Company describes their sound as “neo-psychedelic garage-punk for the teenage soul” and it is exactly that, intertwined with a bunch of references geeks of all sorts can appreciate.

May McDonough (vocals, guitar, and keys) and Rusty Huber (bass, keys) joined forces years ago to create a sound so raw, mystical and untouchable, touching on the subject of conspiracies, religion, mythology, the supernatural and cryptozoology.

Their limitless imagination and effort undoubtedly translates over well into their music videos too.

Their latest music video, “Sons of the Skies”, is every nerd’s wet dream considering it is based off the famous fantasy tabletop role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons.

Huber directed the video and thought about how funny it’d be to act out the game and to simply have fun filming it. It includes McDonough’s family in it as well.

“I thought people would get the reference and be able to relate with the fact that we’re all kind of nerds in some way,” Huber tells the Weekly. “The artistic aesthetic that we’re developing as a band centers around the occult, the supernatural and things like that. It started becoming a common denominator in all of our music videos.”

The band released their second full-length album,TEETH, last month. Any rock ‘n’ roll aficionado is compelled to love McDonough’s vocals reminiscent of Grace Slick accompanied by otherworldly music the band produces. It is by far one of the most bewitching records to come out this year, and what’s even more bad-ass about it is that it was recorded within just four days.

A few songs off the album were on their previous EP titled Bluff Creek Beauty Queen!, which is the Sasquatch’s point of view of the world we live in and how humans go about living. Huber came up with the idea at a bar during a brainstorming phase, and it was one both Huber and McDonough liked so much that they determined it was something worth pursuing.

“Sasquatch is a really great figure for making observations about man, society and what we’re doing to the planet. A really great window to make social criticisms through is the eyes of Sasquatch, so that’s what that record was about,” McDonough says. “She [Sasquatch] was just disgusted by the things man did on the planet.”

The May Company’s intense passion to create is immutable.

When asked where her motivation to continuously create derived from, she responded, “I wish I knew how not to…If I don’t do it [make music], my entire body feels badly.”

The May Company performs at The Continental Room for a Desert Daze Presents show on Sun. Sep. 24, 9 p.m. Free, 21+.

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