What is Hi-Time Wine Cellars Creator Fritz Hanson Doing in the Dark?

“Poppy Fritz” in the dark but on the job. (Courtesy Instagram/Mr. Hi-Time)

What is this 92-year-old man doing with a flashlight in the dark, surrounded by all that glorious booze?

With many in that demographic, the words “lost” or “confused” or “escaped from the rest home” would spring to mind.

However, none of those words apply here, because that’s actually “Poppy” Fritz Hanson, the creator of Hi-Time Wine Cellars in Costa Mesa, where 10 days ago he was doing what he does four or five mornings a week.

Helping out.

So why is he in the dark?

The words “inventory” “electrical transformer blowout” and “dedication” spring to mind.

For the complete story, which includes another photo and video, visit Mr. Hi-Time’s Instagram.

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