Will Huntington Beach Become OC’s 3rd Non-Toxic City, Ban Bad Herbicides and Pesticides?

Tonight, the Huntington Beach City Council will hear a pilot proposal by Councilmember Billy O’Connell to use a so-called non-toxic approach to herbicide and pesticide use at Central Park West. If the measure passes, HB will become the third Orange County city to adopt such an ordinance, after citywide bans Irvine and San Juan Capistrano.

“Many agencies are now considering moving away from the reliance on synthetic pesticides in order to limit exposure to the general public, including children and pets,” O’Connell wrote in a statement to his fellow pols. “Implementing this program would provide the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness and assist in identifying potential unintended consequences.”

The plan is to use a non-toxic approach for a year, with a six-month analysis to see how things are doing.

Huntington Beach Tomorrow, a website devoted to, applauded the move and urged residents to speak out in support. We can’t see anyone opposed to a measure that saves money and water and doesn’t poison the environment, unless you’re a Roundup® groupie or something (and any real gardener knows that Roundup is as effective at keeping away weeds as gravel—IT AIN’T).

City council meeting is today at 6 p.m.—see you there!

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