YG – The Observatory – September 09, 2014

The Observatory

Before doors opened for the second YG show of the night at the Observatory on Tuesday, an extensive line snakes from the front doors ending just yards shy of Harbor Blvd. People of all sects stand in their version of fly summerwear from hipster looking girls in long white Coachella-type dresses to your casual t-shirt and baseball cap-wearing dudes among the predictable concertgoers; chicks in tanks and high-waisted shorts and bros in tanks and shorts that look odd if they're not clad with anchors. Simultaneously, the venue is experiencing a mass exodus. Moments before, the first of two YG shows had just concluded and the indomitable energy lingering after a great performance oozed from early crowd.

“Y'all betta turn the fuck up when y'all get in there” demands one young lady as she heads towards the parking lot. Her demeanor resembles a young emcee looking to get the crowd hype.

One year ago, a YG show would not have been as big of a ticket. But on this Tuesday night those who may have forgone his opening performance at UCI's fall concert last year, would not miss a second chance to ride the wave. As the affinity for using the word “ratchet” whenever possible has grown, so has the chance to vibe to the tunes that accompany the trending rap vernacular.

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“Show us them titties, baby”, chants an inebriated YG during the last leg of his second set of the night. The sold out venue encouraged the Bompton rapper's request as they engaged in the chants to incite the delinquent ratchets and twenty-somethings sprinkled throughout the crowd. Patrons participated in the requiem of the old West Coast, still cognizant that “Bitches Ain't Shit” as YG pulls from a fifth of Hennessy. He's also supportive of the girls in the audience willing to back their daisy duke-clad booties up on guys in order to render their nights as memorable.

Before the ratch-o-meter sprang off the charts, girls in the audience screamed his government name “Keenon”, like his mom on the intro of the album My Krazy Life. The album's success is responsible for the pair of sold out shows that make this Tuesday in OC more like a Las Vegas night. Before they get their first look at the 24 year-old tatted Blood affiliate who emerges from behind the stage façade of a rundown patio riddled with gang graffiti, the only prop on stage, we get a prep speech from Ricky, the OG most known for his outro on “Who Do You Love?”

Like the look-in of life in Compton found on his album, the show became an iteration of the life YG lived before the fame. A charismatic, high-pitched emcee, RJ, steps out in a Josh Hamilton jersey for his verse on the song “Bitchez.” The high-pitched emcee emerges as the most genuine friend on the young gangster's breakthrough LP. While the song represents a time when YG, RJ, and his long-time incarcerated partner TeeCee 4800 lived in their native of Compton, the crowd, stuffed with blonde ponytails, synced with the guys on stage to narrate stories of a Bompton experience. To those on stage right, a clear view of the stage was obstructed by girls on shoulders who relayed the lyrics back to those not lucky enough to be chicks or light enough to be thrown on shoulders.

On those shoulders and in the pit, though, YG was in full view of “hynas”,
“Asian persuasion”, “his niggas”, and “Caucasian,” who he shouted out the way he had commemorated dead homies that had perished before seeing their peer make the big time. The co-captain of YG's cadre, wobbled out from backstage for a quick cameo; dancing and wearing his best marijuana mug. It was DJ Mustard, who had emerged too faded to remain on stage for more than a minute or so.

Unwilling to carry out a raffle that would have won a few lucky audience members some merch, YG throws three shirts to the left, right, and center of the stage. At that point, the show had become as unruly as one could hope a rap show to be; white people yelled “nigga” and exits were crowded despite fire marshal implications. Overall, not a fuck was given as the show went down as a night of Blood-infused bliss.

Overheard: “Call Janelle, text her. We gotta get out of here” rambles a young guy at urinal as if he'd actually been stuck in Compton at midnight.

Random Notebook Dump: During the break that should have been the raffle, YG took the time to hit shmoney dance as “Hot Money” served as theme music.

The Crowd: A friendly group of adolescents off all colors who couldn't wait to disseminate shots of the show via Snapchat and Instagram.

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