This makes me so angry and disgusted. This was one of the first vegan places I ever went & I’ve taken many family & friends here. This is a disgrace to the vegan community. I will never give Vegan Nirvana another cent. My heart goes out to these women. I hope they are okay!

Crazy... all true, well told & summarized. @RScottMoxley, thank you for continuing to expose horrible antics of the OCDA & OCSD.

“Hit Men Don’t Send Invoices” | @OCWeekly |

The Pride Issue
As the new Art Director of the OC Weekly it’s great to see my first printed issue. Thanks to Beverly Salas for her artwork on an upcoming event at the Frida Cinema. Looking forward to working with the amazing team at the OC Weekly!


In a coffee shop that has a stack of the latest @OCWeekly — the #Pride issue, and a dad tells his children, “I don’t know if I want you reading that. What you see on the cover is a sin.”

Slideshow I shot for @OCWeekly : @CircusVargas celebrates their 50th Anniversary this year!