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5 Things to Fear on Friday the 13th Besides Nomophobia

T-Mobile is hawking phone insurance this Friday the 13th
by pointing to the “fear and anxiety” some people apparently experience when separated from their cell phones.

There is even, according to the company's PR monkeys, a name for this, “Nomophobia,” which must be “real” because–I swear to God, this is their justification–there are Nomophobia entries in Wikipedia and the Urban Dictionary.

We'll bite just enough more on this to pass along this T-Mobile graphic:

With that out of the way . . .

1) Can I have my cell phone back now?

B) Let us explore some other phobias you should be more frightened of this Friday the 13th:


That's an unhealthy fear of former Red Sox-Dodger-A Normar Garciaparra.


That's the affliction that struck Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway when they realized they weren't as sexy a Catwoman as Julie Newmar was.


That's the fear you'll be stuck in a train car, adjacent plane seat or jail cell with any member of the Lohan family.


That's the reasonable fear that the meaning of the Museum of Modern Art piece you're looking at is waaaay over your head.


That's an unreasonable fear of Vietnamese soup.

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