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79. Chimichurri Fries at Piaggo on Wheels

Behold the beginning of our 100 Favorite Dishes of 2016 listicle! Every day through the publication of our Best Of 2016 issue (and sometimes, twice a day), we’ll be bringing you our favorite dishes across Orange County, leading up to the best in the land. Enjoy! 

Jose Piaggio is to meat in Orange County what Garret Anderson is to baseball: nationally overlooked, locally unappreciated, but forever consistent and secretly great. Whether it’s his hefty Tres Amigos burritos, his perfect choripan, flaky empanadas—all of it—the entrees served from his Piaggio on Wheels luxe lonchera always satisfy yet are somehow humble about it.

Consider the chimichurri fries. All it is is fries, meat, a bit of sauce, and chimichurri. But here is something where the sum of its parts are technically greater than the whole, yet together transform into something even better. The fries are the vehicle to Piaggio’s meats: fatty pulled pork, luscious steak. Then comes the chimichurri: not too oily, strong on the parsley, addictive and sprightly. I usually don’t care for fries, but Piaggio’s chimichurri fries makes me eat five trays of the stuff…to start.

The List:

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85. Amber Roll at Orange Roll and Sushi 
86. Frito Chili Cheeseburger at Burger Parlor 
87. Maui Sunrise at The Original Banzai Bowls [2] 
88. Meals from The Performance Kitchen 
89. Pizza-Sized Quesadilla at Los Sanchez
90. Filipino Brunch at EATS Kitchen And Bar [3]
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92. Biscuits at James Republic  [5]
93. Mushroom Flatbread with Kale and Kumquat Salad at Lemonade 
94. Mexican-Style Gelatins from Santa Ana’s Gelatina Goddess [6] 
95. Hot Pastrami Caesar Salad at Bruxie [7]
96. Jalapeño Pupusas at Las Cazuelas [8]
97. Meatball Sliders at Fresh Brothers [9]
98. Buffalo Cauliflower at Mead’s Green Door Cafe
[10] 99. Raindrop Cake at Sunmerry Bakery
[11] 100. Doughrito at Surfin’ Donuts [12]