Anaheim Police Arrest Man Suspected of Stabby Murder Outside Strip Mall

Scene of the crime. Photo by Gabriel San Roman

When Anaheim police arrived to a strip mall shortly after midnight on Tuesday, they found Raymond Tovar suffering from a stab wound that proved fatal. Making quick work, investigators from the crime task force arrested suspected murderer Daniel Perez outside a Stanton motel yesterday.

It’s unclear if the stabbing happened at the Bel Air Center strip mall in West Anaheim on the corner of N. Bel Air Street and Lincoln Avenue. That’s where police encountered Tovar and immediately took action to try and save his life. Paramedics arrived later and transported the man to a nearby hospital where doctors pronounced him deceased.

Two days later, homicide investigators identified Perez, a 38-year-old man, as the prime suspect. The two men knew each other, but detectives aren’t commenting on possible motives for the crime at this time.

Authorities booked Perez at the Anaheim Detention Facility where he’s being held on $1 million bail.

Here’s his mug shot, courtesy APD.


Gabriel San Román is from Anacrime. He’s a journalist, subversive historian and the tallest Mexican in OC. He also once stood falsely accused of writing articles on Turkish politics in exchange for free food from DönerG’s!

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  1. I don’t understand the writer’s slur on Anaheim, ie. Anacrime? Does he think it’s funny? Does he think it makes him a badass because he’s from there? Is it cute? I grew up in West Anaheim and my parents still live there. I may have moved to HB, but still lock my car doors when I drive by.

  2. Thank u for keeping up with this story. I didn’t know they had arrested someone. Ur the only one that posted his mugshot. I appreciate this article

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